CFL Live Stream: How to Watch CFL Online and on TV

The 68th season of modern Canadian football will begin in 2022. The Canadian Football League is celebrating its 64th season for the first time. Each club will play 18 games during the regular season, which runs from June 9 to October 29 the following year. The 109th Grey Cup will be held at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2022.

Here you will find out how to watch CFL live stream online, On TV, as well as Radio. Buckle up and get the information right now.

How to Watch CFL Football live on TV?

TSN is the official broadcaster of CFL football in Canada. Watch English coverage through TSN and RDS will conduct the French coverage.

TSN Go customers may watch sports and other TSN or TSN2 programming from anywhere with the TSN Go app. TSN, which is exclusively available via cable and satellite, is the only place to watch CFL games. Fans may watch Canadian Football League games online as well.

So if you want to watch CFL on TV. Contact your TV provider, Your TV package including TSN or not.

So if you want to watch CFL on TV. Contact your TV provider, Your TV package including TSN or not. If you already have TSN you are lucky enough. Just tune in TSN channel before the kick-off and enjoy CFL games live on TV.


Only ESPN broadcasts CFL games in the United States, Mexico, and South America. ESPN2 only broadcasts a few games, and ESPN3 is only available online or on mobile devices.

Meanwhile, ESPN+ is available to everyone, regardless of Internet provider or satellite TV provider. Fans can anticipate to see certain games on ESPN2 and some on ESPN+.

Anyone in the US who wants to watch CFL games in 2022 may have to contact their providers to reserve the option.

UK & Ireland: BT Sport

CFL football games are airing on BT Sport in the United Kingdom. CFL games are shown live and on demand on BT Sport 1 and BT Sport ESPN.
Besides on TV devices, sports fans may stream or watch games on the move using iOS and Android applications. To use Sky Digital Satellite, you must have BT Broadband or the BT Sport Pack.

CFL live stream 2022: watch with and without cable in Canada

As mentioned, only method to view CFL games is through TSN, which requires cable or satellite connection. TSN Direct is available to Canadians. Monthly subscriptions are $19.99. A six-month plan that has already been paid for costs $99.95. The only requirement is that you have internet connection.

TSN Direct offers the same content as TSN cable and satellite. It contains the five TSN feeds, as well as other streams and data that may be accessed at any time.

Watch CFL Online with Cable

TSN broadcasts Canadian Football League games. TSN has been the sole network to broadcast CFL games since 2008.

If you have a TSN subscription, you may also use this login to watch live sports for free on TSN GO. Find further information on

Watch CFL games without cable

For those who don’t have cable subscription in Canada,

TSN Direct

TSN Direct allows CFL fans without cable or satellite to watch games. You can get the service without the TV bundle. TSN Direct is available to Canadians. Monthly subscriptions are $19.99. A six-month plan that has already been paid for costs $99.95.

TSN Direct is compatible with wide array of devices including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, and so on. Consider to take a look at official page of TSN Direct to make sure that your device is compatible for the service.

How to watch a CFL live stream in the USA?

ESPN has reserved the broadcasting right of CFL events in the US.

ESPN+ subscribers may watch live CFL games. ESPN live is accessible for only $5 per month. The Canadian Football League will be broadcast on ESPN 2 and ESPN News. A seven-day free trial is available for the new users.

Watch CFL Without cable in the USA

If you enjoy professional football, you should watch the Canadian Football League’s regular season opening (CFL). The CFL is broadcast live online.


FuboTV has more sports channels than any other streaming provider in its regular subscription. There are over 35 sports channels to choose from. FuboTV now has access to ESPN. If you like Fubo but don’t watch ESPN, you’re in luck.

On FuboTV, ESPN isn’t the only channel offered. ESPN2 is included in the Pro package. ESPN3 is available on FuboTV, however it must be viewed via the ESPN app. The majority of ESPN programming is available on these channels.

Sling TV

ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3 are included in the Orange and Orange + Blue bundles. Depending on your settings, you’ll be able to view your episodes on a range of devices. Customers who subscribe to Orange receive one stream, whereas Orange Plus Blue subscribers receive four. Sports Extra, which includes ESPN News, costs $10 per month regardless of package.


Hulu is an excellent platform for watching live television and films at any time of day or night. The live TV package includes ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, and the whole video-on-demand library.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a single-bundle platform with amazing features such as unlimited cloud DVR storage. ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN News are available on YouTube TV. Because there are no more packs available, you can only add premium networks.

Directv Stream

One of our platforms with the greatest alternatives is Directv Stream. There are seven distinct bundles available. ESPN and ESPN 2 are included in six of the seven bundles. ESPN Deportes takes their spot in Optimo Mas. ESPN News is available on the Max, Choice, Xtra, and Ultimate channels. You may add Spanish channel packs, foreign channel packs, and premiums once you’ve picked a bundle.

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CFL live stream UK/Ireland: How to watch Canadian football

For those in the United Kingdom and Ireland, BT Sport is an excellent option. On August 5, CFL games will begin airing on BT Sport.

CFL football games are shown on BT Sport in the United Kingdom. BT Sport 1 and BT Sport ESPN broadcast CFL games live and on demand.

For iOS and Android users who want to stream or watch games on the go, the BT Sport app is available. You must sign up for either BT Broadband or Sky Digital Satellite’s BT Sport Pack to use the service.

How to watch a CFL live stream online in Australia?

ESPN broadcasts and streams CFL games on television and online in the same way as it does in the United States.

How to watch the CFL from outside your country?

Every streamer requires the usage of a VPN. If you use a virtual private network, your ISP will be unable to slow down your connection on public WiFi (VPN).

Here are the steps to use VPN to watch CFL overseas.

  • Get a good VPN Service
  • Connect to a specific country server (that offers live streaming service)
  • If you use chrome, use incognito mode.
  • Login to your service.
  • That’s it! Happy watching!

CFL live stream Option for International viewers

Using Yare’s streaming platform services, sports and entertainment content may be streamed to PCs and other connected devices such as cellphones and tablets.

YareTV makes it simple to provide live events, linear channels, and VOD content to connected TVs. Consider to check this page for further information:

How can I watch CFL on an App?

Even if you live in an area where TSN, RDS, ESPN, or BT Sport are available, you can use those apps in your devices to watch the CFL games.
You may now get a CFL Game Pass if those options are not available in your country.
Or, you could use VPN whenever you are out of your country.

How to Watch CFL on Roku & FireStick?

ESPN holds the rights to broadcast at least 20 CFL games on its pay-TV networks, including a divisional final and the Grey Cup 2022 live. More than 65 regular-season games will be available live on ESPN+.

Most CFL games will be available on ESPN+ on your Firestick or Roku streaming device for $4.99 a month. This portion of the post will explain how to sign up for ESPN+.

Where to Listen to CFL games on radio?

The CFL is sponsored by SiriusXM Canada. During the regular season and postseason, the 103rd Grey Cup presented by Shaw will be televised live on Sirius and XM. All Alouettes games will be aired on Influence Franco (XM 174) and Attitude Franco (XM 174).

SiriusXM Canada sponsors the Canadian Football League (CFL). The 103rd Grey Cup presented by Shaw will be carried live on satellite radio stations Sirius and XM. Attitude Franco and Influence Franco will broadcast all Alouettes games.

CFL 2022 FAQ: Everything you need to know

When does CFL season start in 2022?

The 64th season of the Canadian Football League has begun. On June 9, 2022, the regular season will begin.

How Many Teams in the CFL?

The East Division of the Canadian Football League features four clubs, while the West Division has five.

How many games are in the CFL Regular season?

The Canadian Football League season consists of 18 games.

What time is the CFL playoffs?

The CFL semi-final playoffs will take place on Sunday, November 6, 2022. In Eastern Semi-Final, the starting time is 1:00 pm ET. Meanwhile, the Western Semi-Final will start from 4:30 pm ET. The FInal will take place on November 13, 2022. Eastern Final will start from 1:00 pm ET. Meanwhile, the Division Final will take place at 4:30 pm ET.

When is the Grey Cup 2022?

The 109th Grey Cup will happen on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The starting time is at 6:00 pm ET.